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Title: Push Button Author: AlikiIllustrator: AlikiGenre: Predictable Book, Theme(s): Button, Onomatopoeia, RhymingOpening line/sentence: I know a little boy, a push-button boy. Brief Book Summary:The “push-button boy” pushes multiple buttons that make the objects come to life with sounds displayed colorfully on the page. It’s a busy and fun book that’s predictable in nature by the child knowing that something is going to happen once a new button is pushed. The rhyming throughout adds a pleasing flow. Professional Recommendation/Review #1: Beverley Fahey (Children’s Literature)It certainly is a push-button world as this cherubic toddler quickly learns. With just the power from his index finger surprises happen. Push a button and music plays from the radio, water squirts from a hose, elevators go up and down as do umbrellas and even toasters. The vacuum starts with the push of a button as does the car, the CD player at preschool, a flashlight, and of course, the telephone. All that button pushing wears out the young child, and with an aching finger (nicely bandaged for effect), he settles down to read a book. Turning the pages, he sees animals that hop and hide, jump and run. Inspired, he begins to explore his world. He discovers he can pull a cart, dig a hole, hide, kick, slide, and hammer. All this energetic fun is captured in a bright mixed media of watercolors, colored pencils, and ink. The lively rhyming text is punctuated with action words as button pushing results in FLOP! CLACK! FLUP! ROARRR! that will elicit giggles from listeners. Preschoolers will delight in exploring their push-button world after reading this story as well as all the other ways to have fun. This exuberant package is a perfect choice for one-on-one sharing or a toddler story timeProfessional Recommendation/Review #2:Kirkus (Kirkus Reviews, April 15, 2010 (Vol. 78, No. 8)) What little person does not love to push buttons, especially if all those pushed buttons yield fascinating and rewarding effects? Alikis young Push-Button boy loves all sorts of buttons: phones, toasters, remotes, water hoses you name it! In fact, this little guy pushes so many buttons that his pointer finger gets sore, and his bandaged digit has to find other things to do, like playing outside, painting, pounding and, eventually, reading. (In a sweet and apt homage, hes reading Ashley Bryans 1995 picture-book rendition of What a Wonderful World.) The bright white background helps the primary colors pop for the lap listeners while the rhyming couplets, with just a few lines per page, make the text easy to memorize. The words for the sounds FLUP! CLACK! RINGGG! WHOOOSH! are handwritten in happy colors that will keep younger readers interested in turning the page. Push-Button boys life, with or without a bandage, is one where he is happy, busy and the center of the action. Completely in sync with toddlers.Response to Two Professional Reviews:Both reviews are positive about the message and playfulness of the book. The illustrations help with the pop and energy of the story that keep the readers engaged to see what button he will push next. I like how both the reviews talked about the importance of influencing young children to play outside and read, something I initially did not pick up on while reading. Both the reviews agree that it is a great book for toddlers.Evaluation of Literary Elements:The plot, while a picture book still tells a fun story about the push-button boy. The rhyming scheme helps with the flow and playfulness of the story along with onomatopoeias throughout. The illustrations also add to the playfulness of the book while also introducing new illustrating techniques. Consideration of Instructional Application:This book can be used for toddlers and their curiosity about cause and effect with pushing real buttons or made up buttons. It can be an art project by making buttons and having sound words attached to it. Also, it’s a good introduction to rhyming and possibly poems.

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